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Selection of cardan shaft / universal joint shaft


Selection of universal joint shaft

According to standard, use the following methods to select CIW-X, CIW-Y and CIW-Z series Cardan Shaft. Please consult use for selecting other product series.

1.Universal Joint Shaft are selected according to the load features, calculated torques, bearing life and operating speed.

2.The calculated torque is acquired from Formulas (1), (2) or (1), (3).

3.Generally, universal joint shafts are selected according to the torque to be transmitted an required bearing life. They can also be selected checking their torque strengths or bearing life relation to the requirements of the applied equipment.

4.Checking the torsional strength using Formula
Tc < Tn or Tc < Tf or Tc < Tp ...................... (4)
TC=Calculate torque, Nm
Tn=Nominal torque, NM (i.e. a theoretic calculated value under these pre-determined conditions;
speed of shaft n=30 rpm, deflected angle B = 3
o , and a bearing life.
Ln=5000 hours under even load,
Tf=Permissible torque according to the fat strength under alternating loads, Nm
Tp=Permissible torque according to the fat strength under pulsating loads, Nm
Tp=1.45 Tt