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Transportation,storage,installation,usage,maintenance and overhaul


Transportation,storage,installation,usage,maintenance and overhaul

Correct installation, reasonable use and frequent maintenance are very important for the driving effect and service life of universal couplings. Please pay attention to the following notes:

1.Transportation and storage

a. Couplings with splines must be kept horizontal during transportation. In case of transporting vertically, additional protection is required to avoid damage. Note not to damage the bearings while putting them down.

b. Couplings should be stored in dry surroundings. Avoid exposure in sunlight and rain.

2.Installation and usage

a. The design requirements must be followed while installing couplings. Make sure to arrange correctly

and keep the ax les in the same phase. Either end may be set to be master or slave. However it is recommended that the mating point of the splines be kept away from sources of vibration or shock.

b. Oil or paint on the matching surfaces of flanges should be cleaned before installation, and any other factors of disadvantage should be eliminated.

c.The red arrows on the spline shaft and spline housing should align to each other and avoid dis-alignment.

d. 242# anaerobic adhesive may be properly added at the threads while tightening. Tighten interlingually with stipulated pre-tightening force. (Low strength filler ring is not recommended).

e. The initially installed coupling should be re-tightened after a first one shift operation. And such a procedure should repeat for two more shifts to avoid loosening.

3.Maintenance and overhaul

a.No oil filling is needed for the newly purchased couplings. However oil refill is required for those kept in storage for over 6 months.

b.2# lithium base grease is the most commonly used lubricator for couplings. 3# or 4# calcium base grease is recommended for lubrication under high temperature condition. Normally oil refill is required for every 500-hour persistent run, or for every 3-month break of running. Oil should be refilled every week under high temperature condition.

c.Universal couplings with built-in oil container may be selected for where there is difficulty to refill the oil.

Check for abnormal noise;

Check for any abnormal radial runout;

Check for loosening of the bolts.

d.While the couplings are in normal run, only the following jobs are needed for maintenance:

e.The overhaul period is 6 to12 months. Check for wear or indentation of the bearings and cross axles.Replacement is required when the wear or indentation exceeds 0.25mm.For couplings installed with filler pieces, the filler pieces should be replaced when they are worn by 0.35mm.

f.All our couplings are delivered with initial deviation record(Inspection Table of Assembly). We have professional overhaul technicians, and it is recommended to call for our technicians in case of overhaul. The dynamic balance tests for high speed driving couplings must be carried out by our professional technicians.